Actress Priyanka Chopra Live Update News In Hindi 2023

1. Golden Globes 2017
Priyanka wore this gorgeous sparkly dress to the Golden Globes, and it was a perfect look for the occasion. It felt like her dress was a literal representation of the event.

2. Emmys 2017
This white dress Priyanka wore to the 2017 Emmys with a feathery mermaid tail it really made her stand out on the red carpet. She looked absolutely stunning in it.

3. Emmys 2016
The year before, however, she wore a red dress. Many would think that it would blend in with the red carpet, but Priyanka did anything but blend in. She stood out like the star that she is and the adorable photos of her swishing and swirling in that dress were all over the internet for months.

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